The Local Police of Inca promotes an awareness campaign on the proper use of parking spaces reserved for people with functional diversity

May 19, 2024 | Current affairs, Featured, Interview, Portada, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

Under the slogan “No parking spaces for people with reduced mobility”, different awareness-raising actions are being carried out to make it clear that there is no excuse for parking in these spaces, making it difficult for people with reduced mobility to move around.

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Local Police of Inca

The Local Police of Inca has launched the campaign “No estaciones el civismo” to raise awareness among the population about the need to respect the correct use of parking spaces reserved for people with functional diversity. Thus, during these weeks the agents will carry out different actions of information, dissemination, surveillance and control, within the framework of this initiative.

“Unfortunately, today there are many people who habitually use the reserved parking areas to park their vehicles, without taking into account the inconvenience that this can cause to users. Therefore, with this campaign they want to raise awareness of the importance of respecting the rules and promote civic-mindedness among the people of Inca”, explains the Councillor for Public Safety, Antonia Triguero.

In this way, the “No estación el civismo” campaign was created to monitor the proper use of parking areas for people with functional diversity and to hear complaints and suggestions from people who habitually use these spaces, as well as to detect whether it is necessary to create new spaces. At the same time, this initiative will also make it possible to raise awareness of the current traffic regulations, encourage responsible behaviour habits and make all users aware of the importance of putting themselves in the shoes of other people, especially those who need to use these parking spaces.

It is therefore clear that there are no valid excuses for a lack of civility. People who habitually use parking spaces for people with reduced mobility apologise because “it’s only 5 minutes”, “I hadn’t noticed”, “it was a moment to buy bread”….

In this sense, from the profiles on social networks of the Local Police, videos have been shared showing the difficulties that people with functional diversity encounter every day to reach their destination, as on many occasions the reserved parking areas are occupied. All of this is to promote civic-mindedness and raise public awareness of the problem.

Finally, it should be noted that the Local Police have previously carried out a review of all parking cards for people with disabilities that are active in the municipality to ensure that all are valid and that they are not being used fraudulently. In the municipality of Inca, there are currently approximately 150 blue zones reserved for people with reduced mobility, most of them requested by users. This campaign has been promoted at the request of users and associations.