The Consell Insular prepares a campaign against illegal tourist rentals during the San Juan holiday season

May 21, 2024 | Current affairs, Featured, Interview, Portada, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

The councillor for Territorial and Tourism Planning meets with the local councils to continue coordination through the collaboration protocol signed with the municipalities.

The Department of Territorial Planning and Tourism will carry out a campaign against illegal tourist rentals during the Sant Joan festivities, and if the pilot test works, it intends to extend the campaign to the rest of the island’s patron saint festivities.

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Campaign against illegal tourist rentals during the San Juan holiday season

The councillor for the area, Núria Torrent, and the island’s director of Tourism Planning, Jaume Fedelich, met this morning, 16 May, with representatives of all the town councils and local police officers to take initial stock of the protocol signed for coordination against illegal tourist rentals.

There are 40 possible illegal tourist rentals in the pipeline, detected through the work carried out by the Council’s inspectors in all areas. Technicians are gathering information to initiate sanctioning proceedings. Apart from these 40 possible illegal rentals detected since January, 20 new sanctioning proceedings have been opened in 2024.

During this morning’s meeting, the council and the town councils agreed that the councils would make the complaint forms available on their respective websites. They also discussed the future inspection campaign during the Sant Joan festivities, an action promoted by the Department of Territorial and Tourist Planning whereby 6 inspectors will be deployed on the streets before and during the festivities in Ciutadella. These technicians will be duly identified and will carry out a campaign aimed at visitors arriving in Menorca for Sant Joan, to detect illegal tourist rentals.

Once the results of the experience that will be put into practice in Ciutadella have been evaluated, the department will assess the possibility of extending this same action to the rest of the municipalities during the patron saint’s festivities.