The Government resolves 722 files that commit 66.24 % of the budget of the Fotopar2024 aid for the promotion of photovoltaic solar energy and micro-wind energy

May 22, 2024 | Featured, Interview, Portada, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

The Directorate General for Energy and Climate Change has also completed the review of all applications and has begun the payment process for some applications that have already been justified.

The Regional Ministry has reported that the initiative to reinforce staff and simplify administrative procedures is considerably reducing waiting times for citizens.

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722 files that commit 66.24 % of the budget of the Fotopar2024 aid for the promotion of photovoltaic solar energy and micro-wind energy

The Department of Enterprise, Employment and Energy, through the Directorate General for Energy and Climate Change, has reported that the initiatives to increase staffing and simplify administrative procedures for energy subsidies have allowed 722 applications to be resolved, representing a committed amount of 2,318,748 euros, 66.25% of the total budget for the call for applications.

In this sense, Diego Viu, Director General of Circular Economy, Energy Transition and Climate Change, added: “The rest of the applications have been reviewed and the deficiencies have been communicated to be corrected by the applicants. As of today, there are no files on the table dependent on action by the administration. In this way, the actions implemented are considerably reducing waiting times for citizens. In this way, the implemented actions are considerably reducing the waiting times of citizens”.

Fotopar2024, launched on 26 December, has a budget of 3,500,000 euros and has received 1,113 applications totalling 3,842,039 euros. So far this year, the justification of eight applications has been presented, totalling 22,896 euros. Of these files, three are currently in the process of payment for an amount of 9,600 euros.

The technicians of the Directorate General for Energy and Climate Change have detected 291 files with deficiencies and another 100 files closed due to resignation, withdrawal or other reasons.

It should be noted that on 16 May the modification of the Fotopar2024 call was published in the Official Gazette of the Balearic Islands (BOIB) with the intention of simplifying the justification through modules, €/kWp (photovoltaic), €/kW (wind) and kWh/€ (storage supplement), so it will not be necessary to submit supporting invoices or payments, but only a declaration of responsibility. Likewise, the verification of the module and other technical documents of the action will be carried out ex officio by consulting the self-consumption register.

The purpose of this aid is to promote photovoltaic energy installations of up to 5 kW peak power and/or up to 5 kW for micro-wind installations and is aimed at individuals. This programme also aims to subsidise new lithium-ion storage systems that are incorporated into new photovoltaic or micro-wind installations, provided that these installations are off-grid.

The Fotopar2024 programme, co-financed with ERDF funds 2021-2027, is aimed at individuals who are domiciled in the Balearic Islands and who do not carry out any economic activity offering goods and/or services on the market in the place served by the self-consumption installation. In the event of carrying out any economic activity in the place where the self-consumption installation provides service, the natural persons must be registered in the Census of business people, professionals and withholders of the State Tax Administration Agency.

Fotopar2024 subsidises investments in new photovoltaic solar energy installations – as well as new extensions of existing installations for self-consumption connected to the grid or isolated – and micro-wind energy with peak power to be installed up to 5 kW. In the case of installations with higher power, only the first 5 kWp will be subsidised.

Investments in new lithium-ion storage systems in off-grid installations, in addition to those established in the sections on storage capacity up to 30 kWh, which have a minimum operating guarantee certified by the manufacturer of five years, are also eligible. In the case of installing a capacity greater than 30 kWh, only the first 30 kWh will be subsidised.