Twenty-two residents complete their specialised training at the Hospital Universitario Son Llàtzer

May 24, 2024 | Current affairs, Featured, Interview, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

At the same event, the awards for training and research carried out by the residents were also presented

This week, the farewell ceremony was held for the twenty-two health training residents who have completed their training at Son Llàtzer University Hospital.

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Universitario Son Llàtzer

This May, residents from the medical-surgical area, traumatology, internal medicine, intensive care medicine, oncology, urology, and the multi-professional specialities of paediatrics, mental health, occupational medicine, family and community medicine, and obstetrics and gynaecology have completed their training.

The ceremony was attended by the manager of Son Llàtzer University Hospital, Soledad Gallardo; the care director, Dr. Javier Agüera; the director of nursing, Susana Sobrino; the head of studies and president of the Teaching Commission, Dr. Antoni Figuerola; the president of the Research Committee, Dr. Joan Bargay, and the heads of study of each speciality.

These professionals and new accredited specialists have spent between two and five years training – depending on the chosen speciality – as future specialists and have had the opportunity to rotate through different services and gain an overview of the Hospital.

At the same event, organised by the Teaching Committee, the Training and Research Awards were presented to the residents. Two prizes were awarded for the best research projects and another two for the best general sessions. These prizes are awarded thanks to the collaboration with Mutual Médica, which was established a few years ago through an agreement between the two institutions.

In the category of best general session, the first prize went to Dr. Aina Darder, a resident in the Rheumatology Department, for the session “Not everything is lupus. Rheumatology in images”. The second prize went to Dr. Laura Flores, resident in the Ophthalmology Department, for the session “Post-surgical Endophthalmia”.

As for the best research projects, the first prize went to Dr. Alma Raquel Menéndez Fernández, resident in the Paediatrics Department, for the project “Evaluation of the effectiveness of the correction of mild neonatal hypoglycaemia with 40% dextrose gel plus breastfeeding, compared to starting formula alone”. The second prize went to Claudia Corral Ferrando, resident in the Paediatrics Department, for the project “Evaluation of patient care transfer and the effect of implementing new tools for secure communication of clinical information in the paediatrics department of a second-level hospital” and to Antelm Pujol Calafat, resident in the Endocrinology and Nutrition Department, for the project “Predictors of the progression of neurodegeneration and other chronic complications: la diabetes mellitus tipus 2”. During the awards ceremony, the researchers briefly explained the main characteristics of the projects.