The Consell Insular expands and reforms the Animal Shelter Centre of Ciutadella

May 25, 2024 | Current affairs, Featured, Interview, Portada, Post, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

This new functional programme of the recent building consists of a distributor, a quarantine room, 4 rooms for cats and 4 exterior patios.

The Department of Environment, Biosphere Reserve and Cooperation has presented today, May 22nd, the extension of the Animal Shelter Centre of Ciutadella due to the lack of adaptation of the current space. This has had a final budget of around 175,000 euros.

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The Animal Shelter Centre of Ciutadella

The complicated conditions of carrying out quarantines with the consequent risk of infectious plagues among the animals of the centre have been one of the key points that has motivated this reform. The extension is located in the northern part of the current car park of the Reception Centre, bringing the functional relationship in line with the existing building. In this way, the connections of all services such as electricity, sanitation and water supply are optimised.

This new functional programme of the new building consists of a distributor, a quarantine room, 4 cat rooms and 4 outdoor patios. The space has been laid out in such a way that an auxiliary sink and a small storage area can be provided. In addition, metal grilles have been installed to improve the connection and visual control of the rooms. The courtyards can be accessed from one of the rooms to carry out the necessary maintenance.

A perimeter gravel area has also been installed around the new building and a bench has been installed to delimit the existing car park and serve as a rest area for visitors. At the same time, an outdoor area has been created within the centre itself to provide a garden where the animals can enjoy themselves freely with an enclosure that has two entrances.

“From the Consell Insular de Menorca, we are very happy to be able to present this reform and extension so necessary for all the animals. Unfortunately, there are more and more animals that do not have a home where they can be cared for or are directly abandoned, and here at the Ciutadella Shelter Centre we do everything we can to make sure they are comfortable, and in short, that they can live in good conditions. Furthermore, I would like to remind you that this project was a citizen demand in 2018, through the “Participatory Projects” programme, and we have finally been able to fulfil the wishes of the Minorcan population”, argued Toni Periano, island director of Sustainable Projects and Local and International Cooperation.

Finally, apart from the aforementioned works, regular maintenance repairs have been carried out, the old crematorium oven has been demolished and replaced by a new one with a bathtub and dryer necessary to attend to the needs of the animals in the shelter. In case of inclement weather, an awning has been installed in the courtyard to protect the animals and the workers.