The Consell de Govern grants a direct subsidy of 40,000 euros in favour of the Fundación Teatro del Mar

May 26, 2024 | Current affairs, Featured, Interview, Portada, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

The grant will be used for activities derived from the integral programme of Performing Arts 2024.

The Teatro del Mar carries out social actions, sea productions, research programmes and dissemination of educational programmes, among others.

The Consell de Govern, at the request of the Conselleria de Turisme, Cultura i Esports, has approved the granting of a direct subsidy of 40,000 euros to the Fundació Teatre del Mar to carry out activities derived from the integral programme of performing arts 2024.

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The Consell de Govern grants a direct subsidy of 40,000 euros

The Fundación Teatro del Mar, established in 1992, is a benchmark in the Balearic Islands’ performing arts and has a stable, continuous and serious programme. With a view to the 2024 season, it has presented a comprehensive performing arts programme based on 7 points, within which a series of activities are integrated.

  • Social theatre programme: it fulfils a social service task in the community with activities such as social tickets, workshops for children from families at risk of social exclusion, training in theatrical languages, relaxed sessions adapted to people with functional diversity and community theatre to create links and weave networks in the neighbourhood and with local audiences.
  • Sociedad producciones del mar: to increase theatre production in the Balearic Islands, projecting the work of our creators on the foreign market and being a space for research into new stage languages.
  • R+D+i (Research, development and Innovation) creation programme, which includes activities such as the research space, which promotes development and innovation that aims to unite intellectual and practical research into the live arts with professional practices, as well as annual artistic residencies and playwriting residencies.
  • Dissemination of the performing arts: it welcomes all kinds of performing disciplines and specific activities that are difficult to find in other theatres in Mallorca, such as debates with programmed companies moderated by theatre critics and actors.
  • Educational programmes: with activities called educational scene and scene and literature, in which the focus is on the integral development of children and the regulation of their learning.
  • Publications programme: includes editions of theatrical texts and stage notebooks.
  • Spectator programme: constant information and publicity work to attract new audiences.