Educació announces the Awards for Balearic Islands Baccalaureate Students with Excellent Academic Achievement

May 28, 2024 | Current affairs, Interview, Portada, Post, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

The budget for these awards, which reward effort and special dedication to studies, is 36,000 € to be distributed among the winners.

The Conselleria de Educació i Universitats announces the Awards for Baccalaureate Students with Excellent Academic Achievement, which this year will have a budget of 36,000 euros to be divided equally among the winners.

Educació announces the Awards for Balearic Islands Baccalaureate Students

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These awards aim to value the academic performance of baccalaureate students and to give official recognition to the merit and effort of students who have shown special dedication to their studies. In the same way, the educational community is also encouraged to promote quality education at this stage.

To be eligible for these awards, which will be managed by the Direcció General de Formació Professional i Ordenació Educativa, students must meet the following requirements: have completed the entire baccalaureate at an educational centre on the Islands, whether public or private and have completed their studies during this academic year, with an average mark of over 9, which will be determined by the call for applications. These data will be used to draw up a list of candidates eligible for the award.

Those who are eligible for the award according to the final list can apply for it until 29 July.