Inca creates a new unit of the Local Police to reinforce security in the centre of town

May 29, 2024 | Featured, Interview, Portada, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

Inca City Council has set up the Inca Local Police Downtown Unit. This specific unit will be made up of two officers who will be on duty exclusively in the downtown area of the capital during the mornings.

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Inca creates a new unit of the Local Police

‘Over the last few years, we have been taking firm steps to improve public safety in the municipality. We have managed to consolidate the Local Police force and this is reflected in a better service to the citizens. In addition, we are making an effort to adapt the police force to the needs of our city and all of its inhabitants,’ says the mayor of Inca, Virgilio Moreno.

For her part, the Councillor for Citizen Safety, Antonia Triguero, stresses that ‘the Local Police must be a police force that is very close to the citizens. For this reason, we have considered reinforcing our presence in the city centre and bringing the Local Police closer to the citizens, so that both shopkeepers and neighbourhood residents have closer and more direct contact with the officers’.

Thus, the Special Downtown Unit of the Local Police of Inca was created to increase police presence in the city centre to prevent possible crimes and acts of vandalism and to be able to provide a quick and efficient response to any situation that may arise. In addition, this new unit will allow them to boost their collaboration with shopkeepers and residents of the city centre.

With this initiative, the Inca Town Council wants to promote a safe and pleasant environment for all those who visit the city centre, thus also encouraging local commerce and local tourism.

In addition to routine surveillance, the Special Unit is expected to carry out security awareness campaigns and organise regular meetings with the community to gather their concerns and suggestions. In parallel, the presence of the Local Police in the city centre in the evenings will also be strengthened.

Finally, it should be noted that with the new incorporations and the increase in the number of security forces in the capital of Raiguer, there are currently 3 patrols active throughout the day in the municipality, in addition to other available personnel such as the Prevention Unit.