More than a hundred industrial companies will benefit from IDI consultancy cheques, 28% more than the previous year

May 31, 2024 | Current affairs, Featured, Interview, Portada, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

The most requested lines are the development of digitalisation plans and the measurement of the corporate carbon footprint.

A total of 105 industrial companies, 28% more than last year, will benefit this year from the consultancy cheques of the Institute for Business Innovation of the Balearic Islands (IDI), an entity dependent on the Regional Ministry of Enterprise, Employment and Energy. This aid allows the industrial sector to draw up digitalisation, sustainability and internationalisation plans by contracting a consultancy subsidised by the IDI.

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More than a hundred industrial companies will benefit from IDI consultancy cheques

One of the new features of this year’s call for applications was the expansion of the cheques with two new lines aimed at optimising business management and analysing the carbon footprint of industrial companies’ products. These lines have been added to those already included in the cheques for improving the digital transformation of companies, measuring the corporate carbon footprint and drawing up internationalisation plans.

The lines that received the most applications were digitalisation (42%) and measuring the corporate carbon footprint (41%). In terms of sectors, the agri-food sector is the largest with 17% of applications, followed by auxiliary services to industry (16%) and nautical (15%).

The cheques, which have a budget of 330,000 euros, allow industrial companies to plan and draw up a roadmap before taking the step towards digitalisation, sustainability, external promotion and improved business management. Thus, the following lines of aid are envisaged:

“Idigital”, for the development of digital transformation plans: companies will receive between 60 and 45 hours of consultancy to draw up a digitalisation plan or to monitor it.

“Iexporta”: beneficiaries will receive 45 hours of specialised consultancy on internationalisation and support in the definition and implementation of the foreign promotion plan.


Corporate footprint: companies will receive 16 hours of consultancy to identify and calculate greenhouse emissions and issue carbon footprint reports.
Product footprint: they will receive 45 hours of consultancy to draw up the carbon footprint of a maximum of three products, including the acquisition of raw materials, design and production.
“Igestió”: beneficiaries will receive 60 hours of specialised consultancy to optimise business management by drawing up an improvement plan to resolve possible inefficiencies, overproduction, warehouse conditions, etc.

With the figures of the current call, a total of 470 companies have benefited from the consultancy cheques over the last six years.