The Mahón-Menorca Cheese PDO marketed more than 2.5 tonnes in 2023, the second-largest figure in its history

Jun 2, 2024 | Current affairs, Featured, Interview, Portada, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

The Balearic Islands account for 71% of the total commercialisation

The councillor of Economy and General Services of Menorca, Maria Antònia Taltavull, and the president of the Denomination of Origin Mahón-Menorca Cheese, Joan Bosco Triay, together with the manager of the PDO, Piedad López, have presented the production and marketing data of the product for the year 2023 and have taken stock of the current situation.

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The Mahón-Menorca Cheese PDO marketed

A total of 98 livestock farms are currently registered with the Regulatory Council of the Mahón-Menorca Cheese Designation of Origin, with milk production in 2023 of 38.2 million litres, of which 31.5 million litres will be used to make cheese with the PDO seal. A total of 5,600 cows and 115 sheep are registered.

“From the public administration we continue to support this sector which, despite the difficulties that the countryside endures and the extra effort that our cheesemakers have to make, continues to enhance the excellence of this Mahón-Menorca cheese, not only locally or on the island, but also internationally,” said the councillor.

On the other hand, the 50 registered dairies at this point (44 of them are artisan) produced a total of 3,703,132 kilos of Mahón-Menorca cheese, of which 2,560,489 were marketed, 1.75% more than in 2022 and the second highest figure in its history. This represented a value of some 24.3 million euros. There are currently 41 companies marketing the product.

Menorca markets 22% of the total, with 556,223 kilos, and Mallorca and Ibiza account for almost half of the 2.5 million marketed: 1,265,087, being the main attraction and differentiating factor of Mahón-Menorca cheese. In total, sales in the Balearic Islands have increased by 8.7%. Catalonia accounted for 13% with 331,585 kilos and the rest of Spain for 8%, reaching 207,971 kilos.

In terms of exports, Mahón-Menorca cheese is present in 46 countries and represents 8% of total sales. During 2023, 199,623 kilos have been distributed, and the United States is the main exporter, by a wide margin. The United States receives 124,479 kilos of Menorcan PDO, which represents a high 62.36% of total exports. It is followed by the Dominican Republic with 25,065 kilos and 12.56% of the total and Germany with 10,698 kilos and 5.36%. In fourth and fifth place are the United Kingdom (8,407 kilos) and Mexico (6,261 kilos).

“Although it may seem a small percentage, we welcome this 1.75% increase over 2022 in terms of marketing. This sector is very competitive and nowadays, there are more and more types of cheeses, varieties and companies. In addition, we have had a drop in exports due to a lack of international trade agreements and an increase in the local sector. Therefore, we will try to make up for this small shortfall this year and have the highest possible numbers”, concluded Bosco Triay.