Balearic presence at the Cortona On The Move festival through the Institut d’Estudis Baleàrics (IEB)

Jul 9, 2024 | Current affairs, Featured, Interview, Portada, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

“Androids in the Woods” by Toni Amengual will be the project exhibited.

The Institut d’Estudis Baleàrics (IEB), maintaining its collaboration agreement with the international photography festival Cortona On The Move 2024, will participate in this year’s edition, to be held from 11 July to 3 November in Cortona, Italy, with the winning project of the open call launched by the entity, “Androids in the woods” by Toni Amengual.

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Balearic presence at the Cortona On The Move festival through the Institut d’Estudis Baleàrics (IEB)

Cortona On The Move (COTM), a leading international photographic production event since 2011, is a point of reference for photographers, curators, authors and critics, and focuses on documentary narratives applied to contemporary and socially relevant themes.

In addition, each year Cortona On The Move carries out research on the evolution of photographic language and increasingly favours the production and realisation of original and unpublished content. In this year’s edition, the participating projects must deal with the thematic focus “body of evidence”, proposed by the festival.

The project “Androids in the woods” by Toni Amengual, which has been selected by the directors of the festival, Veronica Nicolardi and Paolo Woods, is a project that revolves around the current phenomenon of socialisation mediated by screens, in which the corporeality of human beings, their physical presence, has become secondary in the way humans relate to each other. The project was awarded in 2018 with the Mallorca Prize for Contemporary Photography.

The author, a graduate in Biology from the University of Barcelona, Master in Photojournalism (UB) and Master in Art Direction and Advertising in Digital Media (UB) and, today, director of the photography area of LABASAD, international school of creativity OnLine, conceives the project as a critical reflection on how the digital revolution has deprived many of the interactions between humans of corporeality. According to Amengual, the body of evidence of human existence has been transformed into something “more ethereal, photographic, even more holographic than corporeal”. His work has been published and exhibited in the main photography and art fairs in Europe, and is represented by the Rocío Santacruz gallery.

On the opening days of the festival, the regional secretary for Culture and vice-president of the Institute of Balearic Studies (IEB), Pedro Vidal, will be in attendance, stressing that “in addition to everything that has been exhibited in relation to Amengual’s work and its undeniable technical quality, it has to be said that what is a real plus is the photographer’s extraordinary sensitivity to the reality of his time, which he translates into a precise social critique”.