Freedom Day arrives for the English

Jul 19, 2021 | Current affairs, Featured, Tradition

London inaugurated at midnight tonight, the so-called Freedom Day.
The nightlife has reopened, long queues have formed, and masks are no longer compulsory. Coloured balloons have replaced the masks in a countdown to the start of the new year, complemented by shows and a lot of partying. The English have dispensed with many anti-covid measures. Masks are no longer compulsory indoors, discotheques are open and social gatherings are no longer limited in number of people. London has filled up a few minutes after midnight with long queues at the entrance of the nightlife, like a pre-pandemic scene. All this contrasts with the reality that last Friday the UK recorded a high rate of infection. The figure stands at more than 50 000 cases of coronavirus per day. All of this is unique to the close confinement of Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the Chancellor of the Exchequer, with a positive result.
It is anecdotal that the top officials could not be present. Some sources believe that the supermarkets will not do without masks, others will wear them as if nothing had happened. A new situation marked by reality and institutional absences, pending their confinement.