Mobility and infrastructures begin work to improve safety on the Ma-30 road.

Jan 31, 2023 | Current affairs, Featured, Post, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

The work will consist of improving the layout, also eliminating the abrupt change in gradient. In addition, lighting and signposting will be reinforced, among other tasks.

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Mobility and infrastructures begin work

Iván Sevillano: “Once again we are working to improve safety at key points on our roads”.

The Department of Mobility and Infrastructures begins work today, Monday 30 January, on the Ma-30 to improve safety on the connecting road at the intersection with the Ma-15. The work will last four weeks and has a budget of approximately 120,000 euros.

Councillor Iván Sevillano stated that “once again we are working to improve safety at key points on our roads with a comprehensive refurbishment that includes several actions along the stretch”.

In detail, the intervention will consist of improving the layout of the curve and the counter-curve that exists just in the section where the dual carriageway connects with the one-way road. At this point, it is planned to demolish the last fifteen metres of the existing median and to move the shingle on the left side of the Ma-19 (Palma-Llucmajor) road, with the aim of eliminating these curves that exist with the current layout.

On the other hand, the abrupt change in gradient will be eliminated, as well as the New Jersei barrier on the right-hand side in the Ma-19 direction, and a braking bed will be created, incorporating the elimination of the obstacles and unevenness found in this exit area of the road.

The lane of incorporation from the Ma-15 (Manacor road) in the direction of the Ma-19 will also be extended and a junction will be made from the connecting branch of the upper roundabout to the Ma-30 (connecting road), extending the incorporation of the same on the trunk road, since at this point the change of gradient, the curve and counter curve and the transition from one-way to two-way coincide. In addition, the existing lighting at the junction will be reinforced, extending it to the one-way road by installing four new low-consumption LED lighting posts.

Finally, the current maximum speed limit signs will be brought forward from 80 km/h to 60 km/h in the Ma-19 direction to warn drivers in advance of this change from one way to the other, and the signage will be reinforced both horizontally – with transversal sound markings – and vertically, as the vertical yellow signage will be anchored to highlight the approach to a point of change from a dual carriageway to a single carriageway.