The environment promotes the repair and reuse of small electronic equipment through circular economy subsidies in the Balearic Islands

Mar 25, 2023 | Current affairs, Featured, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

The director general of Waste and Environmental Education visited the facilities where this is carried out.

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The environment promotes the repair and reuse of small electronic equipment

The Director General of Waste and Environmental Education, Sebastià Sansó, visited the Deixalles Foundation’s reuse preparation centre in Inca this Friday. In this space is carried out the project “Analysis of the social, environmental and economic viability of the preparation for reuse of small Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)”, funded with € 73,763.72 of subsidies to promote social and circular economy.

The aim of the project is to collect 38 tonnes of WEEE from the fraction of small appliances for reuse, as well as to calculate the percentage of this type that is not repaired for economic reasons and to increase the rate of reuse.

Sansó expressed his satisfaction that Deixalles is continuing along the lines of reuse, “one of the pillars of the Waste Act and which will mean that, in a fraction such as small appliances, 65% of what is considered waste can be repaired and returned to the circular economy cycle”.

In addition to this project, Deixalles will set up a space for the self-repair of waste to give citizens the tools to acquire the habits and information that will enable them to reduce their ecological footprint through repair and reuse.

The start-up of this space has been subsidised with 26,552.13 euros and aims to ensure that 80% of the waste is reusable after repair. The planned actions include the creation of a waste prevention centre in Manacor, repair workshops and a tool lending system for small repairs.