19 ovens and bakeries from Mallorca will compete in the 1st lamb panades competition, organised by Soberanía Alimentaria.

Mar 26, 2023 | Current affairs, Featured, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

Ovens and bakeries from Palma, Marratxí, Sant Llorenç, Manacor, Llubí, Campos, Porreres and Búger will be taking part.

Up to 19 ovens and bakeries from Mallorca will compete on the 29th of March in the 1st Mallorca Lamb Bread Competition, organised by the Directorate-General for Food Sovereignty Policies of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food. The aim of the competition, which will be held at the Santa Catalina Market, is threefold: to promote Mallorcan lamb, and traditional Easter pastries and to promote the island’s bakers and confectioners.

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19 ovens and bakeries from Mallorca

According to the Director General of Food Sovereignty Policies, Aram Ortega, “we are very happy because there has been a lot of participation, and this means that we will have a diversity of bakery proposals, all with a common element such as Mallorcan lamb, which we want to promote in the run-up to the Easter holidays”.

The Palma bakeries and pastry shops taking part in this competition are El Fornet de la Soca, the Ca na Cati bakery, the Real bakery, the Ángel bakery, the Fornaris bakery, the Garau bakery and pastry shop, the Forn Fondo bakery, the Trías oven and pastry shop, the Santo Cristo oven, the Forn de la Gloria oven and the Ca sa Camena bread and pastry shop. Also taking part will be the Forn des Pla de na Tesa, from Marratxí; the Ca n’Amer oven, from Sant Llorenç; the Ramis bakery, from Manacor; the Gelabert oven and bakery from Llubí; the Can Pau oven, from Llumajor; the Benet Barón oven and bakery from Porreres; the Pomar bakery from Campos, and the Can Rafel oven from Búger.

All the participants have to present a panada, at least 10 centimetres in diameter and traditionally made with 100% local produce and Mallorcan lamb, although other ingredients may be added. Each participant will have to submit six examples for the evaluation of the jury, made up of seven people, including the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, and the Director General of Food Sovereignty Policies.

The jury will select the three best panades, with a first, second and third prize, and will take into account taste, presentation, the quality of the dough, the quality of the filling and the raw materials used, all of which are locally sourced. The prize will consist of a voucher for the purchase of lamb and flour from Mallorca, valued at 900, 300 and 200 euros, respectively. All the participants will receive a diploma and a senalla of food products from the Balearic Islands.