The new building of the Casal de Jóvenes de Inca will have three rehearsal rooms for young musicians.

Apr 2, 2023 | Current affairs, Featured, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

Inca Town Council is expanding the facilities of the Sa Fàbrica Youth Centre to provide more services and offer more activities to the town’s young people. In this sense, the town council has rented the facilities adjacent to the current centre, a 1200 m² plot and a building of about 600 m², which were also part of the old ice factory. “The Inca Town Council wants to strengthen youth policies and increase the range of activities and spaces we offer to youth groups, which is why we have considered it appropriate to expand the facilities of the Casal de Joves “Sa Fàbrica”, which is the nerve centre of youth policies and activities of youth groups,” explained the mayor of Inca Virgili Moreno.

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The new building of the Casal de Jóvenes de Inca

The new building will have different spaces for the activities and projects of the city’s youth groups. Thus, the new Casal de Joves will have a reception area on the ground floor, a large multi-purpose room and several spaces for use and loan for youth organisations; it will also have three rehearsal rooms for the city’s young musicians. On the other floors of the building, there will also be a room for artistic creation, spaces for overnight stays, as well as various spaces for projects and leisure activities. The rehearsal rooms are a demand we have from the young musicians of the municipality and that is why we have included it in the project of the new Casal de Joves. The rest of the spaces will be defined as the young people occupying them and making them their own through the activities they carry out. We have started to hold open-port days so that the young people can define together what they want the new youth space to be like.

As for the rehearsal rooms, the Inca Town Council has already begun the process of adapting and soundproofing the three rehearsal rooms. At the same time, the Youth Department has begun to draw up regulations for the use of the three musical spaces. “We want the rehearsal rooms to meet the demands of the young musicians of the municipality. That is why we are working with them on a set of regulations to ensure responsible and dynamic management of the space, which takes into account all the young musicians in the municipality,” said councillor Andreu Caballero.

As for the management of the new Casal de Joves building, the Inca Town Council is considering expanding Casal’s dynamic team. “When we put out to tender the new competition for the management of the Casal de Joves, we will consider the expansion of the Casal’s staff. We are committed to youth policies, which is why we have earmarked resources to expand the spaces for youth groups and provide more staff for the Casal de Joves,” said Mayor Virgili Moreno.

Finally, both the Mayor the Inca and the Councillor for Youth expressed their satisfaction with the dynamics of the Casal de Joves and the youth groups. The post-pandemic period has not been an easy time for young people. They are doing so, because too often an uncommitted image of youth is conveyed, which is not the case at all,” said Andreu Caballero.