The IMAS announces the Consell de Mallorca Awards for Social Innovation 2023 to recognise the transformative work of initiatives and projects related to social services.

May 29, 2023 | Current affairs, Featured, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

Entities and individuals in the field may submit their nominations from tomorrow Monday until Friday 16 June.

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The Mallorcan Institute of Social Affairs (IMAS) is already preparing the new edition of the Social Innovation Awards 2023. Since 2008, these awards have recognised the transformative work of projects and initiatives designed to provide an effective and innovative response to new social challenges.

Individuals or entities in the field of social services are interested in submitting their candidacy may apply from tomorrow Monday until Friday 16 June electronically, through the electronic headquarters of the Consell de Mallorca or the electronic registry of the IMAS.

This year’s edition will distribute a total of 48,000 euros in three categories:

  • Social Innovation Award, which includes five different awards of 6,300 euros each, for projects of municipal, island or international cooperation actions, developed from Mallorca in 2022. Exemplary projects will be judged on their coherence and impact on social rights, equal opportunities or improvement of the quality of life.
  • Pere Mascaró Award, the prize with the highest prize money, with 10,200 euros, which rewards studies, publications or research over the past year aimed at promoting the improvement, efficiency, agility and sustainability of the current models applied to social services in Mallorca.
  • Prize for the best awareness campaign, valued at 6,300 euros, to highlight the publication, information or training campaign, programme, citizen action, social network, website or information product that has achieved results of social impact by conveying a positive image of social rights and citizen participation to address social needs and challenges in 2022.

Likewise, as in previous editions, this year two awards have been established. On the one hand, in the trajectory of an entity or group of entities of the Third Social Sector, for their contribution to the social transformation towards a fairer and more inclusive society. On the other hand, the personal or professional trajectory of a person is an example of equal opportunities and social rights.

In addition, specific mentions will also be made for initiatives that, although they have not been submitted to the call for proposals, it is considered that they should be highlighted as reference projects.

The competent body to propose both mentions and recognitions to projects in Mallorca, Spain or Europe not submitted to the awards, but significant to be inspiring and referents in the context of social services on the island, is the Advisory Council of Social Services of IMAS.

All the information on the bases, requirements and procedure of the call in the attached documents, can be found in the electronic headquarters of the Consell or in the publication of the BOIB of yesterday Saturday, May 27th. In case of doubts about the information or the procedure for processing the documentation, the IMAS has enabled the email