María Domínguez is an internationally renowned illustrator from the Balearic Islands.

May 31, 2023 | Current affairs, Featured, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

Name and surname: María Domínguez
Age: 55 years old
Place of birth: Palma de Mallorca
School and studies: CIDE. Tourism.
Marital status: single
Number of children: 1
Profession: Illustrator

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María Domínguez

What is your day-to-day life like?
More than “day to day” I would say “moment to moment”, I don’t have a fixed timetable and I usually work best in the evenings, when everything is quiet.

How and when did your love for drawing and design begin and what is your current situation?
My love for drawing started when I was a child, I’ve always liked the subject of illustration and design, although I never dedicated myself to it professionally.
In fact, it was all thanks to the pandemic that hit us in 2020, I was working at the airport (in recent years I have worked in airlines, previously I was a professional photographer). When I saw that the issue was going to last I took up my “hobby” and I signed up for drawing classes so I wouldn’t be wasting those “holidays” that Covid had “given” us.
I started to post my creations on my social networks and one day they contacted me to make me a paid commission, that’s when I thought I should try to make it a profession, until then it was just a way of escape.

María Domínguez, creations

Where can we see your creations?
At the moment you can see my creations on my Instagram, I am preparing a website with an online shop that will be launched soon.

Many of your creations depict the villages of Mallorca and its people. Can we consider you an ambassador of the Balearic Islands?
I don’t consider myself an ambassador for the islands, but I do love the place where I live. Sometimes we forget to look at the place where we live with the eyes of a tourist. Curiously, my drawings of Mallorca have sold more in South Korea and Japan than in my village.

What would you recommend to young people who have a love for design, drawing?
To young people who love drawing, I would recommend that above all they should practise every day, that’s the most important thing, every day. And if they can, they should attend classes, whether in person or online, but let themselves be guided by professionals.
It is also important to soak up the work of other artists.

What feelings, and emotions do you try to convey in your creations?
In my creations I try, above all, to transmit the beauty of the places and the soul of the people I draw, I can spend hours observing a face until I find those little details that make it recognisable, that you look at it and say “yes, it’s that person”, for one that doesn’t need to be a detailed portrait, we all have something that makes us special.

You can find her on Instagram @meryartdominguez