Selva returns to the tradition of murta distillation. As part of the XXIII Fira de ses Herbes (23rd Herbs Fair)

Jun 11, 2023 | Current affairs, Featured, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

This weekend Selva held the XXIII Fira de ses Herbes (23rd Herbs Fair). The many attendees were able to learn about the traditional uses of the different aromatic herbs in gastronomy, liqueurs and medicinal uses.

On Friday the balcony of the Town Hall was the stage for the Crida del Saig de ses Herbes. The celebrations began at 19:00h. A conference on herbs together with a presentation by Catalina Valriu was another of the events on Friday, which were accompanied by tapas from local bars and restaurants.
The Plaza de Selva was the ideal setting on the afternoon of Saturday 10th June for a return to Balearic tradition. The still located at the foot of the church of Sant Llorenç de Selva will see how for 300 years, the magic of the transformation of the murta, in murta water.

This great concoction has always been appreciated for its many faculties, the best known of which is that it is the star perfume of the Serra de Tramuntana.

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When the clock struck 6 p.m., the murta, collected nearby in the morning, was taken to the square. It has been deposited in the still and during a process that has lasted 3 hours, with a capacity of 300 litres, one of the best-kept secrets of antiquity has been obtained. Murta water.

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Selva recovers the tradition that appears in the old rondallas, uniting six special plants with their most outstanding characters in the “Estol de les Herbes”.

The six special plants are: l’olivera, la murta, el romaní, la flor de taronger, l’estepa joana and la falguera.

Each plant is linked to a character of the rondalla de Mallorca and form Estol de les Herbes.

Thus we can see:
-Prince Bernadet, Romani (La Flor Romanial)
-Princess Aineta, taronger (L’Amor de les Tres Taronges)
-Joanet, steppe joana (En Joanet i es cavallet conseller)
-Fairy Morgana, olive tree (Sa Fada Morgana)
-Drac, murta (Es murterar del rei de França)
-Dimoni Gros, falguera (Sa flor de falguera i es dimonis boiets)

Also, this Saturday, the audience was delighted with the music and poetry show in Es Centre with the voices of Carles Rebassa and Francesc Company, Toni Rian on piano and the projections of Vicenç Ochoa.

The rest of the evening was accompanied by a tasting of vegetable cakes and sweets in the placeta de l’Església.
The festival ended with the Foc de s’Estol de ses Herbes, with the characters of s’Estol and the gegants na Rosa i en Pau de Selva.

A great weekend that brings us closer to Balearic tradition.