The Environment publishes a comic book to explain the effects of the holm oak Capricorn on holm oak groves in the Balearic Islands

Jun 25, 2023 | Current affairs, Featured, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

The publication is financed by the Sustainable Tourism Tax fund.


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The Forest Health Service of the Regional Ministry of the Environment and Territory has published a comic book to explain the effects of the holm oak Capricorn (Cerambyx cerdo) on holm oak forests. The aim of the publication is to explain, in a didactic way, why the excessive population of the species is problematic and the solutions that are applied.

By means of a couple of Capricorn pigs, the comic book explains to the public the life cycle of the species, its diet and physical characteristics. They also explain how they affect Holm oak forests and the importance of population control.

This publication has been financed by the Sustainable Tourism Tax (ITS) through the project “Forest Health 3.0: Use of new technologies applied to forest modelling and phytosanitary improvement of forest masses”.

In this line, the Forest Health Service has also promoted other actions such as the pilot test to recover and conserve the holm oak groves of Mallorca’s public estates, the aim of which is to control the holm oak Capricorn through the installation of traps, refuge boxes and nest boxes.

The script, illustrations and design are by Xavier Canyelles. The comics will be distributed in schools and can be obtained online through the following link: