The start of the 2023 ordinary teaching competitive examinations in the Balearic Islands goes off without a hitch

Jun 26, 2023 | Current affairs, Featured, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

\A total of 1,238 applicants have applied to fill 564 teaching posts for teachers, secondary school teachers, music and performing arts teachers and teachers at official language schools.

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Ordinary teaching competitive examinations

\This is the third extraordinary call for teaching posts to be held in 2023 in the Balearic Islands.

Today, the tests of the ordinary competitive examination of replacement rates have started normally, with 564 places called distributed among teachers, secondary education teachers, music and performing arts teachers and teachers of official language schools. In total, 1,238 of the 2,058 applicants registered for the tests today took the exams.

The Director General of Teaching Staff, Rafaela Sánchez, for her part, highlighted the smooth running and the normality that has been breathed at all the venues and pointed out the importance of these competitive examinations. This is the end of a period in which 8,000 competitive examinations have been held and this means going from a 38% vacancy rate to 8% and it is very important to give stability to the centres and to the teaching staff. This is a major improvement for all schools.

The ordinary competitive examination of replacement rates, which starts today, has 54 tribunals and is being held in 7 venues on the islands of Mallorca (5), Menorca (1) and Ibiza (1).

A total of 2,058 candidates have registered for 564 places.

In the end, 1,238 candidates took the exams, representing 60.16% of the total number of registered candidates.

An extraordinary year

In 2023, three calls for teaching posts will be held in the Balearic Islands. Today’s tests, which correspond to the ordinary competitive examination of replacement rates, offer a total of 564 places and form part of this process. The other two tests correspond to the exceptional stabilisation process established by the Law for the reduction of temporary employment: the merit-based competition for the stabilisation process, with 2,583 places available, for which the list of candidates who have obtained places has already been published, and the competitive examination for the stabilisation process, with 265 places, which began on Sunday 18 June.

Thus, taking into account the positions from the extraordinary process and the encomendero of replacement rates, 8,208 positions have been stabilised since 2017.

Overall, a total of 5,195 candidates have been admitted to the two competitive examinations: 3,141 to the stabilisation examinations and 2,058 to the ordinary examinations. In total there are 110 tribunals made up of 550 teachers for the two competitive examinations this year, of which 56 correspond to the stabilisation examinations and 54 to the ordinary examinations.