On 1st July the shuttle bus service to Punta Nati will start operating

Jun 29, 2023 | Current affairs, Featured, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

In the months of July and August 2023 will also enjoy the shuttle bus service to access the Punta Nati lighthouse at sunset and during peak hours.

The pilot test carried out during the months of July and August 2022 in the evening hours to meet the massive influx of visitors and tourists who come to this area to enjoy the sunset, was positively evaluated by both the users of the service, as well as by the residents of the area and by the company that carried out the service.

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Bus service to Punta Nati

The aim of this pilot test was to regulate the access of private vehicles in a specially protected natural area and to encourage access by public transport.

Next Saturday, the 1st of July, this service will begin with two expeditions (two outward and two return journeys) with pick-up and departure from the Via Perimetral de Ciutadella and arrival at the Punta Nati lighthouse car park.

In view of the inconvenience for the residents of the area and the multiple problems of traffic congestion detected during the hours of sunset that made it impossible to circulate in either direction of the road.

Given that this area has become a regular place of pilgrimage for visitors who stay on our island during the summer months, with greater incidence during the months of July and August.

The following aspects have been taken into account for the proposal of the shuttle bus service to Punta Nati, so that the service is viable, ensures the satisfaction of users and contributes to policies aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions:

  • The time of sunset changes daily, so it is necessary to review the service timetable every 15 days.
  • The vehicle that will carry out the service has a capacity of up to 30 passengers.

Purchase and management of tickets.
The shuttle bus service will be available from Monday to Sunday, the timetables will be modified every 15 days, taking into account the early change of the sunset.

For the management and purchase of tickets you can consult the following link:

? Web for online reservations https://www.bus.e-torres.net/ca/tickets/

  • The web pages are adapted to mobile devices.
  • Website for online bookings with payment by credit card.
  • Kiosk at the Via Perimetral and Plaza Pinos bus stops, advance ticket sales.
  • On board the bus at the start of the journey.