Construction work on the new fire station in Manacor is in full swing

Jun 30, 2023 | Current affairs, Featured, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

The work on the foundations of the structure is nearing completion, after which the main building will be erected.

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The new fire station in Manacor

Work has already begun on laying the foundations of what will be Manacor’s new fire station. Last week the concrete was laid where the main building of the complex will be located, and right now the water tank is being installed and the concrete is being spread over the rest of the infrastructure. During the works, 195 m³ of concrete has been used.

Once the foundations have been consolidated, the construction of the building structure can begin. The site technicians are currently focusing on the repositioning of the pillars on which the prefabricated units will be placed.

With the renovation of the fire station, modern facilities will be created, designed with modern and environmentally friendly materials, which will have adequate spaces for the tasks carried out by the fire service personnel in comfortable conditions.

For the comprehensive reform of the park, all the buildings in the complex had to be demolished, as they had become obsolete – they were built in 1987 – and more surface area was needed and the facilities had to be relocated. This project will become the reference model for future fire stations in Mallorca, as it optimises different variables such as the construction system, operational capacity and energy and equipment aspects. The budget for the complete refurbishment is €3,696,222.93.

Provisionally, while the park is being refurbished, the Manacor staff has moved to a rented warehouse in the Manacor industrial estate, very close to the park. All the personnel, vehicles and material have been located there. The Manacor fire brigade serves the municipality and a large part of the Llevant and Pla de Mallorca regions.

The new building will have a total of 1,530.84 m² – three times the useful surface area of the facilities – spread over two floors, in addition to a 104 m² practice tower. The comprehensive refurbishment of the park has redesigned the entry and exit of vehicles, to make it as quick as possible when there is an emergency.

The project will increase the park’s maximum manning capacity to eight firefighters per day, although the current six per day will be maintained. The new facilities will have the capacity for 50 staff – lockers, cabinets for personal protective equipment, etc. – who will work in shifts. -, who will work in shifts.

The new fire station will have a pioneering practice tower, which will meet the daily training and practice needs of the personnel, with different scenarios and capacities. In addition, the project also includes a decontamination area, intended for the protection of personnel when working with contaminating or hazardous materials, or if a pandemic situation is reproduced. Circuits and decontamination processes have also been optimised for vehicles, equipment and machinery.

This new park model offers improvements in the distribution of the spaces, which are now more versatile, taking into account the modularity in some areas, such as the dining room, the living room, the offices or the training room. All of this will allow for greater adaptability in different situations (more women entering the service, pandemic situations, etc.). The facility will have more storage space in the vehicle garage area and the space in the gymnasium area will be increased, which will have a terrace.