More than 3,300 SMEs will be able to benefit from the ‘Activa Industry 4.0 Programme’ in their digital transformation

Jul 13, 2023 | Current affairs, Featured, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

The call, which includes aid worth 24.4 million euros within the framework of the Recovery Plan, focuses on advice for industrial SMEs through specialised entities.

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Activa Industry 4.0 Programme

The Official State Gazette today published the call for the granting of aid to industrial SMEs within the ‘Programa Activa Industria 4.0’. This programme, which belongs to the “Activa” family of programmes, is an initiative of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism in the development of its National Strategy for Connected Industry 4.0, which has among its objectives the promotion of the digital transformation of Spanish industry, increasing its growth potential and in turn developing the local supply of digital solutions.

The School of Industrial Organisation (EOI Foundation), attached to the General Secretariat for Industry and SMEs, will be responsible for managing this initiative. The type of aid granted in the framework of this call will be considered as aid in kind, consisting of receiving specialised and personalised advice that allows the promotion of the digital transformation of industrial SMEs to Industry 4.0.

This advice will be provided by specialised entities with experience in digital transformation in industry and technologies for Industry 4.0, which have been selected through a tendering procedure. The beneficiary SMEs will select, through their application form, the specialised entity that will provide the service from among those that have been awarded in this procedure.

The objective of the ‘Programa Activa Industria 4.0’ grants is to offer an exhaustive diagnosis and analysis of the company’s initial digital situation and the preparation of a Transformation Plan, which includes the definition, quantification and prioritisation of personalised digitalisation opportunities.

It will be provided through individualised meetings with the beneficiary SMEs at their headquarters, remote work by the specialised entity and the holding of thematic and demonstrative group workshops to support advice and implementation of the corresponding technologies.

The budget of the call, which is part of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, is 24.4 million euros to help more than 3,300 industrial SMEs throughout Spain. The individualised amount of aid in kind understood as the equivalent of a gross subsidy, will be 7,400 euros per beneficiary company.

Companies with the status of SME and whose activity is related to the manufacturing industry, classified in Section C – Divisions 10 to 32 (CNAE 2009), may be beneficiaries.

Interested companies will be able to apply for aid at the EOI’s electronic headquarters from Thursday 13 July. The call for applications will remain open until the budget established in the call for applications is exhausted. The regulatory bases can be consulted in the BOE.