Citizens can access their Health Records in the app “My Citizen Folder”.

Jul 14, 2023 | Current affairs, Featured, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

The application incorporates the consultation of the National Health System’s Digital Health Record provided by the Ministry of Health and allows one to view the summarised clinical history of the regional health services.

My Citizen Folder

“Mi Carpeta Ciudadana”, an application launched by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, through the General Secretariat for Digital Administration attached to the Secretariat of State for Digitalisation and Artificial Intelligence, is now available in its fourth official version in the iOS and Android stores as well as on the web. In this way, the initial objectives of growth and improvement of this public service with information from all administrations continue to be met.

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The fourth official version of “Mi Carpeta Ciudadana”, available in the official app markets, incorporates the following new functionalities and improvements of interest to citizens as well as new organisations that provide information through “Mi Carpeta Ciudadana”:

Mainly, the consultation of the National Health System’s Digital Health Record, integrating the new service offered by the Ministry of Health, which allows the information from the different health services of the Autonomous Communities to be viewed in a single interface, offering data from different autonomous services, when care has been received in several of them, and allowing health data to be shared in the case of travel. A project made possible thanks to the collaboration with the Ministry of Health, through its General Secretariat for Digital Health, Information and Innovation of the National Health System.
New “Services” section, to which new functionalities will be added to enable the initiation of actions and which will also allow connection with other mobile applications of the administration of interest and outstanding usefulness.

The new “Services” section, will gradually incorporate new functionalities to enable the initiation of actions and will also allow connection with other mobile applications of the administration of interest and outstanding usefulness.
This section incorporates the possibility of sending letters and requests through the General Electronic Register that can be addressed to the different public administrations at the different administrative levels. This registry service is provided in collaboration with the Directorate General of Public Governance of the Ministry of Finance and Public Function.
Connection with the appearance of the notifications through the new mobile application of Notifications (available for Android and iOS devices) that will allow its direct management from this mobile application. This mobile application can also be used independently so that legal entities, companies and the self-employed can also use it to collect their notifications.

Incorporation of the consultation of the status of files for Local Entities that complete the process of joining the service. The service begins with data from the Provincial Councils of Albacete, Cuenda, Huesca and León. In the coming weeks and months, numerous local entities from all over the country will be incorporated in a transparent manner for citizens.
Inclusion of information and services related to the electoral processes, both the significant milestones in the calendar and a new “citizenship” section within the “My Folder” section.
“My Citizen Folder” makes it possible to consult, from a single point on a mobile phone, personal documentation in various fields (education, real estate, vehicles and driving licence points, registration, large family, degree of disability and dependency, absence of a criminal record, employment application, more than 40 public social benefits, etc.).

It also facilitates access to files and notifications from the public administration through the Single Authorised Electronic Address – DEHú. It also allows you to find out about appointments made by public administrations, and to receive notifications about the expiry dates of procedures related to ID cards, passports, driving licences and MOT. This simplifies the relationship between the administration and citizens in an accessible, proactive and personalised way from any device.

Since its launch, it has already had more than 2 million different users, more than 1.5 million downloads on iOS and Android and more than 12 million accesses.

The trajectory of the “My Citizen Folder” app is in line with the 2023/2024 Roadmap, which is published openly for all citizens as an exercise in transparency, also including the planned incorporation of new functionalities, taking into account feedback from citizens.

Citizens can transmit their experiences and suggestions through two forms, one on the website and the other on the mobile application, through which citizen feedback is received, analysed, prioritised and appropriately incorporated into the roadmap for future versions.

This initiative is being carried out thanks to the excellent collaboration and joint work with the different national, regional, local and university administrations and their different public bodies.

Digital Transformation of Public Administrations
“Mi Carpeta Ciudadana” was the first mobile application within the media App Factory of the Plan for the Digitalisation of Public Administrations, which aims to promote the development of quality mobile services for the main public services.

The recognition granted by the Internet 2023 Awards, where it was awarded as the best digital transformation project in the public sector, and by the National Computer Engineering Awards, where it was awarded as the best public project, confirms the effort being made by public administrations for their digitalisation, within the framework of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, the Digital Spain agenda and the Public Administrations Digitalisation Plan.