Equality presents the campaign “Be Free. Be Alive. Spain” campaign against male violence

Jul 14, 2023 | Current affairs, Featured, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

The objectives of the campaign include raising awareness of the different forms of violence against women, identifying and denouncing all forms of male violence and providing information on the different comprehensive care services available to victims.

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Equality presents the campaign

The Ministry of Equality presents its awareness campaign against male violence for this summer 2023. The campaign, with the slogan “Be Free. Be Alive. Spain”, aims to raise awareness of the different forms of violence against women, identify and report all forms of violence and inform about the different comprehensive care services available to victims.

The campaign, which forms part of the Institutional Publicity and Communication Plan 2023, will be disseminated during the months of July and August, coinciding with the summer period, when it is a priority, as stated in the Catalogue of Urgent Measures of the Plan for Improvement and Modernisation against gender violence, to develop and disseminate awareness campaigns within the framework of temporary sustained action for the eradication of gender violence, especially in those periods in which coexistence may increase aggression.

Resources for comprehensive care
As can be seen in the campaign spot, it is essential to inform about the existing resources to attend to the victims of all forms of male violence in our country. These resources, characterised by their capacity for comprehensive care and specialisation, are important throughout the country thanks to the institutional cooperation of all public administrations.

In the course of the spot, in addition to cultural and geographical elements that define us as a country, we can see the importance of the 016 comprehensive victim assistance telephone service, the 24-hour crisis centres, free legal assistance, psychological care, the work of the State Security Forces and Corps and the importance of women’s networks, highlighting all the policies of prevention and support for victims of all forms of gender-based violence. The slogan, “Be Free. Be Alive. Spain” represents the richness that defines us as a country, of which policies to combat gender violence form part.

The campaign will also include graphic and outdoor pieces, as well as TV spots, radio spots and materials for social networks.