Lara San Román Hontiyuelo, manager of Restaurant Coheo, brings us closer to the Shopping Night in Binissalem

Jul 15, 2023 | Current affairs, Featured, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

We meet Lara San Román Hontiyuelo as manager of Restaurante Coheo. We know that she is from Granada and is a Mallorcan at heart. This is reflected in her husband Jordi and her son Kai.

Lara San Román Hontiyuelo tells us the best-kept secrets of Coheo, to celebrate this Shopping Night.

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Lara San Román Hontiyuelo

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What can we find in Coheo?

We are a family business. My husband already worked in this establishment under another management.

Since 25 November 2022, you can find us in Binissalem, the restaurant Coheo.

The service and the quality of the local products are the best ambassadors of this Mediterranean flavour. Proximity products in a casual format together with a family and relaxed atmosphere make the delight of our diners.

We are young and well-prepared. We have both worked in the world of catering. Ireland and England are some of the locations we know because we have been working in their restaurants, so we recommend coming to Coheo and letting yourself be surprised.

The difference is that we do not have a very large number of dishes. This is because we have focused on seasonal products and very homemade and fresh cuisine. Our menu is based on suggestions that change every day.

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Tell us a secret about this Shopping Night.

We are currently focusing on providing a restaurant service that brings something new and creates a community in Binissalem.

Hence the idea of participating in the activities that take place. The Shopping Night is a great opportunity to get to know Coheo. For the Shopping Night, we will have a special tapa. It will be a tasty combination of tapa and beer at a reduced price.

The decoration will be in keeping with the activities taking place. The establishment will be decorated with great care and affection to thank the people of Binissalem for the great opportunity to be part of its social and business fabric.

We are curious, where does the name Coheo come from?

It is a very beautiful story, which fills us with emotion. Family is one of the pillars of our lives. For my husband and I, it is centred on our three-year-old son.

When we decided on the name for the restaurant, our son, who was with us, was very young and didn’t know how to say “I love you” very well, so he pronounced it “Coheo”.

That is the origin of our name, our son.

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Where can we find Coheo?

You can find us at Església, Plaça, 17, phone 604 84 18 15

You can also find us on social networks and by email:

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