SFM’s summer timetable comes into effect every year during the second half of July and the month of August.

Jul 19, 2023 | Current affairs, Featured, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

The SFM summer timetable came into force, which each year operates during the second half of July and the month of August.

SFM’s summer timetable

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This change in the train schedule, which has been the default since the summer of 2013, and which was not changed when the free service was approved, is made to optimise the company’s resources and adapt the service to demand, which always drops significantly during the summer and especially on the dates on which the SFM summer timetable is introduced. Thus, looking at data from recent years, in 2018 the sum of train and metro users in July and August fell by 15.97% compared to the sum of those recorded in May and June; in 2019 the drop was 14.29% and the drop last year was even more pronounced, at 18.11%.

As for the train service schedule, it has gone from offering 72 departures from Palma on the usual timetable to 65 now in the summer. And in the opposite direction, from offering 75 arrivals to Palma to 65 during the summer timetable. The timetable for the summer service remains unchanged with respect to the usual timetables.

With regard to the metro, while the usual timetable offers frequencies every 20 minutes throughout the day, in the summer schedule, the frequency is every 30 minutes from the first service of the day until 17.25; from this time until the end of the service, the frequency is every 40 minutes. On Saturday mornings, the metro goes from a frequency of every 30 minutes to one train every hour in the summer timetable.

It is important to remember that the weekend timetables are not modified in summer, they are exactly the same as those offered during the rest of the year.