Guillem Solivellas Llull, head of the real estate section at Inmogap, “Personalised service and quality management are part of our DNA”

Jul 23, 2023 | Current affairs, Featured, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

25 years of experience guarantee the real estate agency Inmogap. Located in Seva, it has a privileged location from where Guillem Solivellas Llull and his team advise and accompany you throughout the process of buying, selling and renting. Let’s get to know Guillem Solivellas first-hand.

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Guillem Solivellas Llull

How would you describe Inmogap?
We are a small real estate agency that has synergies with different companies in the group.
We have 25 years of experience, so people know us.

Experience is a guarantee both for buying and selling. Our personalised service makes our clients trust our services.

It is common that many clients continue to be linked to the real estate agency with a friendly relationship.

What services does Inmogap offer?
We cover the whole process. All services from the moment you start looking for a house to a major renovation or purchase, rental properties is another of our services.
Holiday rentals are promoted by the Villas Tramuntana brand.

We help in the search for houses and properties, both those that appear in our portfolio and those that we believe adapt to the demands of our clients. Among other services, we also carry out procedures with the notary’s office, property management, obtaining licenses, architects and construction companies.

What holiday rentals can we find in Inmogap?

We started it in 2021. Before, it was already in use but it was shared. I am in charge and we only take houses exclusively. We do it for a fixed percentage, we take care of everything and the owner only worries about getting paid at the end of the month. We send him a settlement, a list of the bookings that are expected. We take care of everything so that the owner gains peace of mind in the management.

What is the scope of your holiday rentals?

It is marketed under the brand name of Villas Tramuntana and the original idea is that the properties are located in the Serra de Tramuntana. However, we are open to incorporating properties in any area of the island. Always subject to availability and timing.

How did your relationship with Inmogap begin and where can we find you?

I have always seen it as my family is involved in the real estate sector and the most important thing is that I like it. I developed different functions until I took on my current role.
You can find us from 8 am to 2 pm in July and August and the rest of the year from 9 am to 2 pm and from 4 pm to 7 pm.
Our contact telephone number is 971 51 53 33. The e-mail address is and you can find us in our office at Carretera Lluc, number 9 in Selva.