Daniel Flor, manager of Scape Room Inca, “Fun for the whole family, any day of the week”.

Aug 6, 2023 | Current affairs, Featured, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

Do you want to live a new experience? Now you can any day of the week in Inca. Disconnect, enjoy, live something different is the proposal of Scape Room Inca.

We met with Daniel Flor in the street Felipe II, nº 78 of Inca, the centre of Scape Room Inca, a place that agglutinates all the mysteries, recreational room and bar, in a single place. A service of quality in which when arriving we enjoyed a plant dedicated to recreational games along with a bar that will delight the before and after the Scape Room.

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Scape Room Inca

What is a Scape Room?
A Scape Room is the perfect activity to enjoy a different and unforgettable time with your family and friends. You have 60 minutes to discover and solve the different mysteries hidden in the room, you have to solve as many riddles as you can to complete the game.

What services do we find complementing Scape Room Inca?
We have three rooms for Scape Room. In addition, we have expanded our service so that when the customer arrives before can play in the recreational room, and when the customer finishes the experience, you can have the bar service.

Thus, we have in the same enclosure of a recreational room in which we find: basketball machines, billiards, foosball tables, arcade machines, car simulators and zombies, punching machines, soccer, and catch stuffed animals, among others.

The bar service, within the same enclosure, is intended for participants in the Scape Room and participants of the arcade. The bar service complements your stay in our facilities with refreshments, drinks and snacks.

What games can we find in Scape Room Inca?
The games available at Scape Romm Inca are:

Mystery room. The musician’s house
Rafael is a very famous musician. He has a concert to which he does not show up and we have to find out what happened to him.

Pirate adventure room
The game starts in the jail of a ship “The Flying Dutchman”. We are in jail with Mr Turner, who is a crew member of the ship. The participants are sailors who want to belong to the crew and to do so, they must save Mr. Turner.

Scary room. Pending release.
It is a new scary room, with a maximum of 5 players. Four main characters and one observer. The four main characters have four professions: lawyer, lifeguard, policeman and doctor. They are corrupt. They are punished for being corrupt and have a chance to save their soul.

How can we book?
Reservations can be made by phone at 630 35 93 28. You can find us on social networks @scaperoominca