The coastal cleaning service removed 5,692 kilos of waste from the coasts of the archipelago in June.

Aug 7, 2023 | Current affairs, Featured, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

The campaign, which will run until the end of September, has a total of 22 boats to cover the service.

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Coastal cleaning service

The coastal cleaning service of the Regional Ministry of the Sea and Water Cycle has removed a total of 5,692 kilos of waste from the coasts of the Balearic archipelago during June thanks to the start of the campaign aimed at the prevention and sanitation of bathing water on beaches and coves of the Balearic Islands.

Since June and until the end of September, twenty-two boats have been working in the archipelago to remove tons of waste that accumulate on the seafront: seventeen of them are of the ‘beach’ type and five of the ‘coastal’ type, the latter being larger and with a greater capacity to travel and collect plastics. In Mallorca, they have a total of ten boats, compared to five in Menorca, five in Eivissa and two in Formentera.

The cleaning boats not only collect floating waste but can also help to remove large logs and dead animals, as well as provide support in the containment of spillages or the cleaning of areas with no land access.

Plastic is the most frequently collected material, accounting for 44.03% of all waste collected. The other most common materials were wood (31.54%), other (9.66%), vegetation (7.82%), organic (6.14%) and oils (0.81%). By islands, 2,991 kilos were collected in Mallorca, 1,1258 in Menorca, 1,114 in Eivissa and 328 in Formentera.

In addition, four calls were responded to (3 from 112 and Maritime Rescue and 1 from private individuals) for the collection of dirt, logs or dispersed fuels.