Xisca Llinás Horrach together with Miquel Crespí Serra, bring us closer to the summer trend: Silent luxury.

Aug 7, 2023 | Current affairs, Featured, Interview, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

Xisca Llinás Horrach together with Miquel Crespí Serra is the best ambassador of the world of wood and derivatives, as is evident in each of the creations of Fustes i derivats.

Their creations in wood, iron and works are adapted to silent luxury, the trend that is sweeping this summer. They are the DNA of Fustes i derivats, with the most competitive prices on the market.

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Xisca Llinás Horrach together with Miquel Crespí Serra

How do you recognise silent luxury in decoration?
Quality materials, timelessness, the preservation of beauty over time and trends are the most outstanding qualities when it comes to recognising this trend.

Tradition and modernity are present in our creations, giving shape to unique projects.

This luxury is based on the quality of the materials used and the craftsmanship of their manufacture, timeless and inspired by nature. Qualities that we always keep in mind and that we continue to develop at Fustes i derivats.

How do Fustes i derivats adapt to summer trends?
Our creations adapt to the wishes and needs of our customers. We listen to their demands and we make our own the phrase “Any style as long as it is yours”.

We manufacture handcrafted pieces made to measure, which, due to their size and geometry, cannot be machined.

Who can afford silent luxury at home?
It is a trend that can be accessed without being a millionaire.

Quiet luxury is more a question of taking a good look at the origin of the products.

Wood and its creations together with our extensive experience mean that we can adapt to what society demands. We are committed to the future of the planet and are working towards a circular economy.

Which pieces fit the trend of silent luxury?

Pieces that stand the test of time, regardless of trends, always fit in your home.
We recommend Investing in what you love and what you want to see for decades to come.

Among them, we highlight:
Unique or personalised pieces in which perfection and creativity lead to being able to capture the dreams of our clients.
Own creations

Feeling at home, and appreciating the objects that surround us, are part of the pride we feel when we receive and impart the guidelines that we promote from Fustes i derivats.