A total of 76 churches in Mallorca will exhibit monuments of the dead Virgin Mary for the Feast of the Assumption

Aug 9, 2023 | Current affairs, Featured, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

Increases the number of beds installed: there will be 20 in Palma and 56 in the Part Forana

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Churches in Mallorca will exhibit monuments of the dead Virgin Mary

The feast of the Assumption of the Virgin is consolidated in Mallorca and brings together, this year, a total of 76 churches that will expose monuments of the Virgin Mary dead around August 15. This figure is higher than last year when there were a total of 67 throughout Mallorca (17 in Palma and 50 in the rest of the island). Even so, it should be noted that, given the limited number of virgins in Mallorca, the only aim is to exhibit as many as possible in the best conditions of conservation.

Palma presents 20 beds this 2023: it recovers the thalamus of the Concepció and Sant Jeroni, which had been interrupted by the pandemic and the closure of the convent, respectively. It should also be noted that continuity is given to the monument of Santa Magdalena, which was restored and brought out of closure in 2022.

As for the Part Forana, a total of 56 beds will be installed. This increase has to do with the registration of the monuments made in Biniali, Maria de la Salut and the convent of Llucmajor. In addition, there are two new assemblies: Capdepera, which until now was not put, and Campanet, which overcomes, now, an interruption of a few years. Beds are also recovered, after decades, in the parish of Llucmajor, thanks to a restoration done last year.

For years, the Consell de Mallorca and the Bishopric of Mallorca have been working on the research, restoration and dissemination of this celebration. The objective, according to the insular director of Heritage of the Consell de Mallorca, Ramón Martín, “is to spread the Mallorcan heritage to promote the recovery of the tradition of the beds of the Virgin Mary, after a long period of decadence”.

With this purpose, explained the coordinator of the project of diffusion of the festivity, Gabriel Carrió, “The evolution of the assemblies is registered, conservation and restoration needs are detected and research on the festival is favoured”. Also collaborating in this dissemination plan are the Palma City Council, the Museum of Mallorca, the Cathedral of Mallorca, ARCA and the Friends of Heritage Foundation.