Bono Cultural Joven: what is it and what can it be spent on?

Aug 10, 2023 | Current affairs, Featured, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

The Government has launched the second call for applications for the Bono Cultural Joven, a direct grant of 400 euros to those who turn 18 to access cultural products and activities. The deadline to apply for it is September 31.

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Bono Cultural Joven

The Bono Cultural Joven was launched in 2022 with a threefold objective: to offer those who turn 18 an economic boost to discover culture; to generate habits of consumption of cultural products among young people, and to revitalize the cultural sector in Spain, very punished during the pandemic.

Young people have one year to use the 400 euros on cultural products or services. Until April 2023, more than 911,000 operations have been carried out, for an amount close to 33 million euros, distributed among live arts (58.5% of the expenditure), cultural goods in physical support (30.1% of the total) and products in digital support (11.4%).

Bono Cultural Joven 2023 Call for Proposals
The initiative has been consolidated in the General State Budget for 2023 with an appropriation of 210 million euros. The Council of Ministers has already approved the regulation of the second call, which will benefit those born in 2005, around 500,000 young people.

The application period will open on Tuesday, June 13, 2023, and will be open until September 30. The new edition will take into account the experience of the first edition, as well as the improvements made to the application and processing system.

How can I apply for the Bono Cultural Joven: Personal application
If you are 18 years old or older: Through the Bono Cultural Joven website, identify yourself by means of Cl@ve with basic or advanced registration or Digital Certificate (the FNMT-RCM Natural Person’s Certificate). It is advisable to use Cl@ve with basic registration, which you can request and obtain by video call.
If you have not reached the age of 18 at the time of applying for the voucher, you can only apply for it with Cl@ave with advanced registration, and you must do so in person at an office.
Represented by an adult
If you were born in 2005, whether you are 18 or will be 18, you can ask an adult to apply for the bono culture on your behalf as a representative. The adult must have Cl@ave with basic or advanced registration or Digital Certificate.

How does the Bono Cultural Joven work?
Once the grant is awarded, the total amount is paid in a single payment, in the form of a nominal virtual prepaid card that is valid for twelve months following the grant. Exceptionally, physical cards may be issued if the beneficiary does not have a compatible mobile device. The card is personal and non-transferable.

The Bono Cultural Joven is compatible with any other subsidy, income or resource from public administrations.

What can I spend the Bono Cultural Joven on?
The Bono is divided into three sections to encourage access to different cultural expressions:

200 euros for live arts, cultural heritage and audiovisual arts. For example, tickets and season tickets for performing arts, live music, cinema, museums, libraries, exhibitions and performing, literary, musical or audiovisual festivals.
100 euros for physical cultural products. For example, books, magazines, press, or other periodicals; video games, sheet music, records, CDs, DVDs or Blu-ray.
100 euros for digital or online consumption. For example, subscriptions and rentals to music, reading or audio-reading, or audiovisual platforms, purchase of audiobooks, purchase of digital books (e-books), subscription to download multimedia files (podcasts), subscriptions to online video games, digital subscriptions to newspapers, magazines or other periodicals.

Where can I use the Bono Cultural Joven?
The voucher works in the stores, companies and entities adhered to, which are located throughout the national territory. They can be located through the Bono Cultural Joven application and website. As of May 18, there were 2,934 participating companies, which translates into more than 3,000 points of sale, physical and online, available; the membership period is still open.

Registered entities will be able to continue in the program without the need for a new application.