The Balearic Islands consolidates the extension of the tourist season with record employment figures in October

Nov 5, 2023 | Current affairs, Featured, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

Social Security affiliation has reached 583,476 contributors in the Balearic Islands, 4.61 % more than in October 2022

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The Balearic Islands consolidates the extension of the tourist season

The Balearic Islands led the increase in employment in the whole of Spain

Unemployment figures are also historic for an October month: the Islands registered 31,615 unemployed people, the best figure for an October month since 2001.

The Minister of Enterprise, Employment and Energy of the Government of the Balearic Islands, Alejandro Sáenz de San Pedro, presented today at a press conference the figures of affiliation and employment for the month of October, “historic”, according to the counsellor, and that show a consolidation of the extension of the tourist season.

Record enrollment

On the one hand, the Islands reached 583,476 contributors in October, 4.61% more than in October last year. This is a new record in job creation. In fact, our autonomous community once again leads the rise in employment, above the rest of the communities, surpassing the average percentage of affiliation of the whole of Spain in October, which stands at 2.6%.

According to the latest data available for September by islands, there was a year-on-year increase in enrolment in all the territories. Formentera is the island with the highest increase (7.2%), followed by Ibiza (6.6%), Menorca (6.5%) and Mallorca (5.4%).

The unemployment rate in the Balearic Islands was 7.2%, followed by Ibiza (6.6%), Menorca (6.5%) and Mallorca (5.4%).

As for the administrative unemployment rate of this last month, it can be considered that the Balearic Islands continue to register full employment data.

L’atur lowest in a month of October since 2001

On the other hand, the number of unemployed in the Balearic Islands was 31,615 people, the best figure for the month of October in the last 22 years in our community. This figure represents a decrease of 3,285 people with respect to October 2022 (-9.41 %). Unemployment falls in all the islands except in Formentera (+35.7 %), and especially in Mallorca (-10.0 %), followed by Ibiza (-9.2 %) and Menorca (-3.9 %).

In addition, the Balearic Islands led the year-on-year fall in unemployment in October in the autonomous communities as a whole.

From a month-on-month perspective, unemployment rose with respect to September by another 1,461 people, +4.8% in relative terms, which, according to the Minister “is due to the normal behaviour of our labour market in this month”. By islands, this increase is mainly in Formentera (+57.7 %), followed by Ibiza (+11.1 %), Menorca (+9.1 %) and Mallorca (3.7 %).

“These figures of affiliation and unemployment are historical”, has emphasized the counsellor Sáenz de San Pedro. “We have to go back to 2001 -22 years ago- to find unemployment data in a month of October similar to those we are presenting today, which shows the consolidation of the lengthening of our tourist season”.

For this reason, Sáenz de San Pedro has once again expressed her “maximum satisfaction” with these figures, although she has emphasized the Government’s commitment to stop one of the major problems of our labor market: the lack of skilled labor.