The Institute of Balearic Studies, present at Mercartes 2023

Nov 10, 2023 | Current affairs, Featured, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

The stand disseminates the work of the IEB by means of grants for creation and external projection, as well as the annual meeting of Fira B! Professional Music and Performing Arts Market

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Institute of Balearic Studies

The Institute of Balearic Studies (IEB) is present at this year’s edition of Mercartes, which takes place in Valladolid between 7 and 9 November 2023. The IEB has its own stand in the professional space of Mercartes, which serves as a showcase for the performing arts of the Balearic Islands and which as a novelty shares the limelight with the Teatro Principal de Palma, depending on the Consell de Mallorca.

The stand disseminates the work of the IEB by means of grants for creation and external projection, as well as the annual meeting of Fira B! Professional Market of Music and Performing Arts. At the stand you can see some of the works present at Fira B! 2023, such as Oficios olvidados, by Cía Daus; Primavera de bestias, by Ovnipresentes; Zoom, by Cía Movimientos; El fin de las cosas, by Inés Sarmiento; El día del juicio, by Producciones de Hierro; and Cápsulas de memoria, by Coma14 and La Mouffete, among others.

In addition, this year there has been an institutional collaboration with the Teatro Principal of Palma in Mercartes. The IEB stand also presents the latest touring productions of the Teatro Principal (Kings of the World, Las Malditas and Tantología), the lyric productions for hire (Don Giovanni, El Elisir de amore, La serva padrona, Il trittico, etc. ) and the co-productions of 23/24, such as El gran manicomio (Estudio Cero), Dama dictadura (Hermanas Picohueso), Double Infinite (Malpelo), A begginning_Expanded version (Aurora Bauzà and Pere Jou) or Misericordia (Iguana Teatre), among others.

It should be remembered that some of these pieces, such as Las Malditas, by Sergi Baos, and A beginning, by Aurora Bauzà and Pere Jou, have received a grant for Creation from the IEB.

The following professionals from the Balearic Islands will be present at Mercartes 2023: Blanca Alonso, of Coloradas, Carme Amengual and Cristina Bugallo, of Producciones de Hierro/Espacio el Tubo; Daniel Ginebgroza, of Theatrum ergo corpus; Carlos Isart, of Aptente soluciones; Débora Marquès and Virginia Seguí, of Elección de Arte Cultura Sostenible; Francesca Alomar, of Tshock Cultura emocional; Jenny Vila, of La Mecánica; Carme Garí and Biel Fiol, of Asociación Mallorca Musical; Carlos Molinet, of Iguana Teatre; Tolo Ferrà, of Coma14; Lluki Portas, of Hermanas Picohueso; and Martín Melinsky, of Cía. Martín Melinsky.

On the other hand, on 7 November, the technician Elisenda Farré attended the general assembly of the Spanish Network of Theatres, Auditoriums, Circuits and Festivals of public ownership as a guest, in order to establish synergies from Feria B! with other fairs and festivals and to assess the possibility of becoming part of the Network from 2024.

The Mercartes fair has been held every two years since 2004, with the aim of bringing together all the agents involved in the performing arts, to promote meetings and relations between professionals in the sector, to highlight the value of all the public and private agents involved and to generate business opportunities. The main objective of Mercartes is to provide a frame of reference that makes new ideas and projects visible, and that integrates all professionals in a common and shared workspace, generating collaborative synergies.